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About Us

Strategic Planning


"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"  

"A ship without a course will soon run aground or sink.  Your Board of Directors sets the course, and your Executive Director captains the ship."

If your organization or association is operating without a current, functional and relevant Strategic Plan, it is only a matter of time before chaos breaks out.  It is not a matter of if, but when.  

We have over 25 years of experience in assisting non-profits and associations develop Strategic Plans . We are happy to meet with you and review your current situation and discuss what options would best fit your organization. Our initial consultation is absolutely FREE. 

Proactive Government Relations Strategies


  “The problem with companies, corporations, industries, and the associations that represent them, is that they have become reactive to government regulations rather than proactive. These entities need to be the ones driving public policies that benefit their interests. We are one of the few Government Relations firms in the country that can help you create Proactive Government Relations Strategies.” 

Rudolph Garza, RLG Associates Founder and CEO   

Boutique Sized - Personal and Individualized Project Management Sets Us Apart


At RLG Associates we don't believe that one size fits all.  When we manage a project we do so as if it were our own.  We aren't going to take a strategy and just plug in your name. 

We will take the time to listen and learn about your project and your concerns and then carefully and methodically go through the process of developing a uniquely tailored Strategy for your specific project. 


RLG Associates managed one of the most important press conferences of Perry's first term.

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

 “RLG Associates, thank you so much for managing the press conference for the signing of the landmark homeowners’ insurance reform legislation. Your professionalism and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future. Again, thank you.”  - Rick Perry, Governor of Texas 

Tillman Fertitta, CEO of Landry's, Inc., Houston Rockets, and Star of "The Billionaire Buyer"

  “We were able to secure the site of the Island Convention Center with the assistance of RLG Associates. They created the perfect strategies for press coverage and major political endorsements that had a huge impact on winning the site selection municipal election. Rudolph Garza will always be able to use us as a reference.” - Tillman Fertitta, CEO Landry’s Inc.       

Maher Maso, Mayor of Frisco, Texas

"As the Mayor of the Fastest Growing City in America, I had the opportunity to work with many government relations specialist.  Without question, one of the most impressive and knowledgeable people I met was Rudolph Garza.  His understanding of the way government functions and the political process is outstanding.  The proof is that under his direction, over 650 pieces of legislation in over 270 cities across Texas, were successfully passed on behalf of his associations' clients.  If anyone is seeking an expert  in association management, strategic planning or  municipal legislation I would highly recommend they contact Mr. Garza."  - Mayor Maher Maso, City of Frisco, Texas     

Roger Quiroga, President of Galveston Community Development Corporation

"While serving as the President of the Galveston Community Development Corporation, I sought the expertise of Rudy Garza to help us develop a Strategic Plan for the organization.  Not only did he bring forth a wealth of knowledge about strategic planning, he took the time to research our organization and its mission.  The result was a Strategic Plan that set the course for our organization.  We were so impressed that we hired RLG Associates to manage our organization and within two years we achieved nationally recognized programs.  I highly recommend RLG Associates to any organization seeking to set a steady course."     

Our Government Relations Team

Rudolph Garza, PhD., Founder and CEO


Texas Governor George W. Bush once described Rudolph (Rudy) Garza as a "role model for Generation X Hispanics" .  Rudy has been active in non- profit management, association management, and government relations most of his adult life.  For the past 30 years he has worked with Governors, US Congressmen, State Representatives, Mayors and Corporate CEOs on legislative issues and political campaigns.  He has also served as the CEO of a large non-profit organization and three industry associations. 

Rudy is the proud father of 3 sons and a graduate of Texas AM University.  He also received his Master Degree and PhD from Life Christian University.  

Rudy is known for his guiding philosophy that if you're being reactive, rather than proactive, you're already playing catch up.  

Ashley Rothestien Westbrook, Executive Administrator and Strategic Plan Facilitator


Ashley Rothstein Westbook possesses the kind of personality that causes people to gravitate towards her in a crowded room. Ashley is the executive administrator behind the scenes managing all the day to day administrative duties such as scheduling, book keeping, managing vendors, purchasing, etc.  She is also  Quickbooks Pro , which allows us to provide financial management services in house. Ashley specializes in facilitating Government Relations Strategic Planning Sessions for large and small Trade Associations, a service that separates RLG Associcate from other firms.  She is a life long resident of the Dallas Metroplex and the proud mother of one feisty miniature doberman. 

What we do in a nutshell

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reactive versus proactive government relations

The Typical Reactive Strategy

  1. You hire a Lobbyist to monitor and act upon any legislation that may negatively impact your trade association members, company or your industry.      

2. You find out through the grapevine that there might be some legislation coming forth at the state or local level that will negatively impact your industry and then panic because you don't have a government relations plan in place.   

The Proactive Strategy

1. You develop a list of issues that are critical to your industry and determine if they can be positively impacted through government legislation. 

2. You develop a Government Relations Plan based upon those issues that includes proactively introducing and/or supporting legislation that can have a positive impact upon your trade association members, company or industry.